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Dr Alma Fleet, Carly Bourke, Moana Strauss, Leanne Armao & Christopher Williams

Stories, systems and transformational change: Behind the classroom door

Carly, Moana, Leanne and Christopher work at Keysborough Primary school. Keysborough Primary School is located in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, approximately 27 kms from the city centre. The school was formed in 2010 when two existing schools were merged. Over half the school population were born overseas which adds to the richness of the school population. Keysborough Primary School has approximately 420 students and 57 staff. The school offers education for children from their first year of schooling through the final year of primary school education. The teaching team is committed to transforming and reimagining what schools look like and what education can be. Inspired by new ideas and pedagogies they ensure that their children are offered the best education possible.

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