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Dr Alma Fleet

Stories, systems and transformational change: Behind the classroom door

Can pedagogical documentation: Be inspiring? Thinking together to enlighten our work

Honorary Associate Professor Alma Fleet’s long association with Macquarie University includes undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research and leadership. Her work includes engagement in early literacy, transition to school, and professional fieldwork. She has also enjoyed working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders. She is actively involved with educational consultancies, primarily with Semann & Slattery, supporting projects through various Australian state departments of education as well as other groups interested in progressing their professional understanding, particularly through practitioner inquiry and pedagogical documentation. Publications include co-authorship with Janet Robertson, Catherine Patterson, and Katey de Gioia as well as a six-volume early childhood series co-edited with Michael Reed (2019). Her latest co-edited publication (Growing professionally-Routledge) investigates the role of practitioner inquiry in educational change. Based in Sydney, her curiosity takes her to other Australian and international locations to pursue collaborations and investigations with friends and colleagues.

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