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Bernice Mathie-Morris & Monica Hilzinger

Connecting and honouring children, place and culture: The power of children’s art exhibitions


Bernice Mathie-Morris – Early Learning at Nowra Anglican College 

Monica Hilzinger – Bomaderry Preschool


Bernice Mathie-Morris has been a passionate and progressive early childhood teacher working closely with children, families and fellow educators and the wider early childhood community for 29 years. Her vision to facilitate change in the early years of school has seen her take on the role of Director of Early learning at Nowra Anglican College. This position encompasses leading, learning and researching alongside children five – eight years, their families and teachers in both the early years program and a K-2 setting. Bernice is passionate about sharing her experiences as a co-researcher and leader with the wider community and is feeling very privileged to co-present with her dear friend and colleague Monica Hilzinger. 


Monica has been an inspiring early childhood educator at Bomaderry Community preschool for the 13 years. Before moving into the early childhood profession, she was a practicing artist. Monica had always dreamt of being an educator and discovered that she could combine her love of art and the early years beautifully. The transition into the early childhood profession has enabled her to combine both of her passions – to be an innovative artist, learning and researching alongside children. 


Monica’s vision is to continue to learn and research alongside children, families, colleagues and the wider community whilst sharing her experience, knowledge and innovation as an artist. Monica believes that she has very ‘best of both worlds’ – creating sits within and outside of her early childhood professional life. She is very excited to be presenting a workshop At Inspire 2023 with her colleague Bernice Mathie-Morris.

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