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Dr Clare Britt

Creative reciprocity between young children and contemporary  art/ists

Dr Clare Britt specialises in visual arts, with a focus on art in early childhood, and creative approaches to pedagogy. She is an author, teacher, researcher and consultant, and an Honorary Lecturer at Macquarie University. She is the author of Unearthing Why: Stories of Thinking and Learning with Children, co-authored with Jill MacLachlan, and Art & Wonder: Young Children and Contemporary Art, co-authored with Amanda Palmer, and her work is also published in scholarly journals and book chapters.  Her current research is in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, (MCA) exploring how very young children encounter contemporary art in a gallery space, and how rich pedagogy might emerge from these encounters. 

Dr Clare Britt will also be the keynote speaker at the Children & The Arts Special Event. To learn more or to register for this event click here.

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