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Who leads the leader? Who mentors the mentor? Who coaches the coach?

Jane is the General Manager and Educational Consultant at Tūī Early Learners, Palmerston North. Jane’s role encompasses many opportunities of being immersed in a world of ako as in reciprocal and responsive leading, mentoring and coaching of kaiako/teachers/leaders, mentors, coaches, within Tūī and across external communities of learning. Jane is mindful of ensuring an educative and pedagogical approach to her role and consistently seeks opportunities to enrich, deepen and strengthen her kete of knowledge. So much so that Jane is on an ongoing journey of postgraduate and master’s thesis, successfully combining the merits of study within her position. Jane’s thesis brings together leadership, mentoring and coaching with the aim of enriching and strengthening her own practices through to every leader, mentor and coach within an ece community. Jane looks ahead and forward to bringing her knowledge, insights and gathering and making invaluable connections between our two beautiful countries of Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

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