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Kylie Thomas

The puddle at the bottom of the hill: Learning and teaching through outdoor play

Organisation: Flinders University Child Care Centre


Kylie is the Educational Leader at Flinders University Child Care Centre (Flinders). She is an early childhood teacher with a passion for outdoor play. You will find her, in her spotty gumboots, at the puddle at the bottom of the hill, or laying on the grass with the babies, or creating a pulley system out of loose parts with children in the sandpit. With over seventeen years at Flinders, Kylie’s experience of teaching and learning through outdoor play has included taking children beyond the fence of the early childhood service into the wild, documenting with children more than 1000 hours outside during a year and taking babies outside in rainsuits. Kylie sees the outdoors as a place of opportunity. Come jump in the puddle with her!

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