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Lou Kirkwood

Challenging realities with a dream to think big, embrace change and reimagine organisational paradigms

Organisation: New Horizons Preschool – Hobart

Lou has over 25 years’ experience working in Early Childhood Education. She is currently the School Leader at New Horizons Preschool in Hobart. Lou is committed to participatory models of education, where individual and group learning are valued, further she believes that children are capable of constructing complex theories about the world, collaborative, participatory and competent. She is passionate about developing opportunities to amplify critical thinking, explore multiple perspectives, engage staff and students in inquiry processes and demonstrate learning in divergent ways. Lou is committed to enacting organisational change within early childhood settings to more authentically reflect co-research, possibilities, diversity and complexity in education. She is committed to values- based education, with an emphasis on democracy, participation and community engagement.

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