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Michelle Pratt (NZ)

Why are we doing the same, same, same!

Organisation: Enspirement


Michelle has over 35 years’ experience in the early childhood sector and holds a BA

Early Childhood Studies from the University of Melbourne.


With a history of designing, owning, and operating a range of early childhood centres, including the creation and development of the Enspirement, New Shoots Children's Centre’s, Curiate NZ, New Shoots Creative Play Australia, and New Shoots Publishing. Michelle has a strong interest in positive outcomes for children and families across all cultural contexts. She is an experienced professional development provider and a fun filled public speaker across a range of events.


Michelle has also lectured at Auckland University -New Zealand in a range of subjects and regularly writes for international journals and magazines about children's issues specifically around Design and Development. She hosts the Facebook Group -Childcare Design which has a significant global following.

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