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Ric McConaghy

From child’s play to play for all

Ric has spent the vast majority of his last three to four decades working intimately with communities, providers, carers and children to create spaces for exploration and discovery within a naturalistic setting that is inclusive of challenge for physical, emotional, social and imaginative play. he has been a committed and active advocate for children's rights and inclusion since the mid 1980's and contributed significantly to the development of the General Comment issued by the UNCRC few years ago regarding the Child's Right to Play. he has been a fierce advocate for inclusion that extends well beyond access and affords the opportunity for experience and engagement for all who visit the spaces he creates. he believes in genuine engagement with those for whom the spaces are being designed and is convinced that the spaces are better for all for that engagement. he takes an active and enthusiastic role (given the opportunity) during the construction phase to create a shared sense of enthusiasm and attention to detail amongst contractors, suppliers, providers and artists to work collaboratively to deliver a special place for the community they are working for. ultimately he is convinced that if you put play, engagement and passion into all aspects of the creation of the space then that is what will offer for those that visit ... and a few surprises besides. let us play.

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