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Susan Harris McKay (USA)

Sharing Stories, Seeking Connections: A Practice of Playful Inquiry

'I am passionate about creating a new vision for education that is grounded in the rights of children to high quality, vigorous learning environments and experiences that sustain and support their natural learning strategies of play, curiosity, and the drive to make relationships.’   

Co-founder and Co-director Center for Playful Enquiry

Previously: Pedagogical Director at Center for Learning, Portland, Oregon

Susan has been a classroom teacher working with children ages 3 - 11 in public school settings, and Pedagogical Director of Portland Children's Museum and Opal School. She currently enjoys working with educators world-wide who wish to enrich their practice as teacher-researchers committed to strengthening relationships between play, beauty, and justice. Susan's work has appeared in a variety of publications in the fields of museum education, leadership, and classroom practice. Most recently, Susan authored Story Workshop: New Possibilities for Young Writers (Heinemann, 2021).

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