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Dr Angela Molloy Murphy

What world is knocking? Protest as care for a world in crisis

Angela Molloy Murphy, Ed.D., was an early childhood educator of 25 years when she joined the University of Melbourne as an Early Childhood Lecturer. A scholar-in-residence at SWISP lab, (Speculative Wanderings with Space and Place), Angela is among a community of interdisciplinary activist practitioners composing reparative futures in the midst of climate collapse. Angela believes that children are the most brilliant and daring co-researchers the world has to offer. She argues that at this moment of widespread oppression and environmental degradation, we need stories that exhibit our radical relationalities, inspire audacious resistance, and imagine creative possibilities for relating ‘otherwise’.Angela can be found communing with trees and spirits in the ancient forests of the Multnomah, Tumwater, Clackamas, and Chinook peoples of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. She proposes that there she is among a legion of multispecies allies who will walk, crawl, and fly alongside us in the global uprising for just and collective futures.

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