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Encounter, Immerse and Inspire: An Aboriginal Knowledge Space

Artistic Directors: Dr Karen Martin, Aunty Denise Proud, Anthony Semann, Ryan Osbourne  & Bernadette Dunn


You might have heard about it
You might have thought about it
You might have dreamt about it
You are about to be immersed in it
We now invite you to encounter it

The concept of encountering is an open invitation to come into space, to dialogue with words, art and images, to dream and think alongside. It suggests that we can transform self and others when we meet and share. We enter as individuals; we exit as a collective. 

Encounter, Immerse and Inspire: An Aboriginal Knowledge Space brings together the work of Dr Karen Martin and Aunty Denise Proud with the support of co-artistic directors Anthony Semann and Ryan Osbourne.

Dr Karen Martin and Aunty Denise Proud will immerse you in new ways of knowing and encountering Aboriginal knowledges and worldviews. It will challenge current paradigms and ideas, which are often consumed as a way of working with and alongside Aboriginal worldviews. We recall the power of pentimento; that is, when we pause and consider, we can see the tracings of the past in order to inform and influence the future.

Participants will engage in a 20-minute immersive experience followed by an opportunity to dialogue and debrief.

This knowledge space is offered over Friday and Saturday as an alternative to a workshop.

To participate in the experience, you will need to pre-register. Please be aware that numbers are limited, and registrations are on a first-in basis. Once booked out, no additional tickets will be made available. To register please email

Header Artwork:

‘Journeys of Relationships’ 

Painting by Aunty Denise Proud - shows the winding pathways that connect us through relationships in learning, communities and beyond

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