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Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference…

– Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation


…the little you give will mean a lot to those you sponsor and make a difference to the children and communities they work in.

Inspire a colleague – promotes empowerment, education, collegiality and professional engagement. Inspire a colleague is a peer-to-peer, service-to-service sponsorship scheme that enables services across the country to support their peers in attending the INSPIRE 2023 conference. These educators may have indigenous backgrounds, work in flood-affected communities, remote communities or services working with disadvantaged families, and do not have the financial means to attend an inspiring and collegial conference.

By becoming an Inspire a colleague sponsor, you will be providing an opportunity for an educator to build their learning, take their new knowledges back to their community, establish networks with like-minded folk and take a step forward in achieving professional goals.


As a part of the sponsorship, delegates applying for support will contribute to their attendance by financing their travel.


Sponsors will receive written acknowledgement of their contributions. In addition, individuals and services will be acknowledged in the conference program and thanked during the opening and closing remarks.   


In addition, sponsors can request the identity of the delegate they helped bring to INSPIRE to establish an ongoing professional relationship.  

You can sponsor from as little as $250 to the cost of a full registration.

Complete the following questions to be considered for sponsorship

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Sponsorship covers registration costs only and those successful in sponsorship will cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

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