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Wendy Lee

Is ICT a help or a hindrance to assessment in ECE?

Wendy is passionate about ECE and has developed a deep interest in issues related to curriculum development and leadership. She is a strong advocate for Learning Stories and the power of documentation to strengthen learner identity of children. Over the past 50 years, her career has focused on building strong, reflective and robust learning communities through her roles as teacher, lecturer, manager, professional development facilitator, author and researcher. Today, as director of the Educational Leadership Project Ltd she and her team provide training and advice to ECE settings throughout New Zealand and beyond. As the influence of research in the area of Learning Stories and Assessment in New Zealand grows, and extends more into ECE practice, Wendy has been increasingly requested to present on its influence and value to a wider international audience including teachers in Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, Belgium, the USA, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia and China. 

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